ECOBREED at the symposium New Challenges in Agronomy

The Slovenian Society for Agronomy is organizing a symposium NEW CHALLENGES IN AGRONOMY 2021 with international participation. The symposium that takes place every other year is aimed to all who by their research and professional work constructively influence the development of Slovenian agronomy and related activities. This time, the two-day event is going to take place online and presentations from the wider field of agriculture are going to be grouped into eight thematic sections.

On 28th January 2021 the first ECOBREED’s paper (Preizkušanje različnih bioinsekticidov za zatiranje koloradskega hrošča) is going to be presented, followed by two paper presentations (Importance of organic breeding by Dagmar JANOVSKÁ, Gabriela MÜHLBACHOVÁ, Petra HLÁSNÁ ČEPKOVÁ and Vladimir MEGLIČ, and Program ekološkega žlahtnjenja sort krompirja na Kmetijskem inštitutu Slovenije v okviru projekta ECOBREED by Peter DOLNIČAR, Eva BLATNIK and Vladimir MEGLIČ ) and one poster presentation on 29th January 2021 (ECOBREED – Povečanje učinkovitosti in konkurenčnosti ekološkega žlahtnjenja by Vladimir MEGLIČ, Peter DOLNIČAR, Aleš KOLMANIČ, Lovro SINKOVIČ, Barbara PIPAN, Eva BLATNIK, Ana VOJNOVIĆ, Primož TITAN and Antoaneta G. KUHAR).

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