ECOBREED: Increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of organic crop breeding


ECOBREED will improve the availability of seed and varieties
suitable for organic and low- input production. Activities will focus on four crop species, selected for their potential contribution to increase competitiveness of the organic sector:

  • Buckwheat

  • Wheat

  • Potato

  • Soybean

The project will develop (a) methods, strategies and infrastructures for organic breeding, (b) varieties with improved stress resistance, resource use efficiency and quality and (c) improved methods for the production of high quality organic seed.



  • Conferences
    Event date: 18 & 19 October 2022

    Organic production conference, Slovakia

    NPPC in cooperation with Ekotrend Slovakia – Association of Organic Agriculture invites you to the ECOBREED Conference “Organic agricultural production – a challenge for the Slovak countryside”. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about organic farming! Date and place of the event: 18-19 October 2022 Penzión Dolinka Liptovská Teplička Registration: INVITATION

  • Demonstration events
    Event date: 8 June 2023

    Demonstration event on soybean varieties and mechanical weed control in organic production, Serbia

    Our partner Global Seed is inviting you to a demonstration event on the selection of soybean varieties and mechanical weed control in organic production on Thursday, 8 June 2023 in Čurug, Serbia. Jovica Kosinović from Global Seed will present the ECOBREED project. Žarko Ristić and Milorad Josimović will present soybean trials and demonstrate machinery for mechanical weeding. More […]

  • Field days
    Event date: 9-10 June 2023

    Food Story field days in Netluky, Czech Republic

    SELGEN invites you to a Food Story Field Day Learning Trail in Netluky, Czech Republic, about science in the fields and in the stables with presentations for school kids and families. The event will be held on 9 and 10 June 2023 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. A wonderful day full of learning, science and fun […]

  • Training for farmers
    Event date: 10 Februar 2023

    Training event – Plant breeding for organic farming, Germany

    Naturland e.V. is inviting you to the “Plant breeding for organic farming” training event at Gasthof Hörger, Hohenbercha 38, 85402 Kranzberg, Germany, on Friday, 10th February 2023, at 10 am. The event is organised within the ECOBRRED project. Please register by 7th February at Veranstaltungen für Erzeuger. Participation is free of cost. INVITATION

  • Workshops
    Event date: 13-15 June 2023

    Workshop on Bunt and Smut Diseases of Cereals, Austria

    BOKU invites you to join them at the 22nd International Workshop on Bunt and Smut Diseases of Cereals between 13 and 15 June 2023 at their campus in Tulln, Austria. The workshop will gather public and private sector researchers, plant-pathologists, geneticists, breeders, extension specialists, farmers and users of cereal products to discuss new findings on […]