The objectives are:

  • To increase the availability of seeds and varieties for the organic and low-input sector
  • To identify traits and combinations of traits suited to organic and low-input production environment including high nutrient use efficiency and weed competitiveness/allelopathy
  • To increase breeding activities for organic and low-input crop production.

ECOBREED will increase the competitiveness of the organic and low-input breeding and farming sectors by:

  • Identifying genetic and phenotypic variation in morphological, abiotic/biotic tolerance/resistance and nutritional quality traits that can be used in organic breeding
  • Evaluation of the potential of genetic variation for enhanced nutrient acquisition
  • Evaluation of the potential for increased weed competitiveness and control
  • Optimisation of seed production/multiplication via improved agronomic and seed treatment protocols
  • Developing efficient, ready-to-use farmer participatory breeding systems
  • Pre-breeding of elite varieties for improved agronomic performance, biotic/abiotic stress resistance/tolerance and nutritional quality
  • Development of training programmes in (a) genomic tools/techniques, (b) PPB and (c) use and application of improved phenotyping capabilities.
  • Ensuring optimum and rapid utilisation and exploitation of project deliverables and innovations by relevant industry and other user/stakeholder groups.