Why to engage in organic breeding?

Organic breeding needs a long-term commitment that will profit the entire food system. You can ensure the integrity of tomorrow’s products and strengthen consumers’ trust by joining forces with breeders and farmers.

Direct drilling of buckwheat into living mulch in South Moravia

A preliminary trial in 2020 for WP6 by PROBIO (Czech Republic). The goal was to find out alternative ways for buckwheat establishment in an arid environment.

Field day in Boguchwała (Poland)

Jarosław Plich from the National Research Institute – Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute (IHAR) presented the ECOBREED project on the II Field Day organised by the Agricultural Advisory Center in Boguchwała (Poland) on 06. 06. 2021. During the event, visitors had an opportunity to visit field trials belonging to various agricultural and scientific institutes. Among these experiments, one belongs to IHAR-PIB and is performed in the frame of the ECOBREED Project. The whole event is available here:

Buckwheat Adaptation & Potential

An online conference session titled “Buckwheat Potential” was organized as part of the Washington State University 2021 Grains Week that featured a talk from WSU ECOBREED team member Breslauer and a buckwheat farmer from New York (0:56:221:49:22). The session was also featured as a FAO Food Summit Dialogue.

Harvesting and cleaning winter wheat for Farmer Participatory Trials

Our Czech partner PROBIO sro (PROBIO) performed harvesting and cleaning winter wheat for Farmer Participatory Trials and prepared a video.

Organic potato production field day

A short presentation in the Slovene language of the organic potato production field day that was conducted within the row of our Demonstration events.

Ecobreed Smales Organic Seeds, UK

A short tour of the Farmer Participatory Wheat Trials and organic farming practices used at Smales Organic Seeds, UK.

Project presentation by Prof. Pagnotta

Prof. Mario A. Pagnotta from the University of Tuscia (UNITUS), held a presentation  of our project in Italian within the EU Researchers Night 2020.

Ecobreed on the NPPC Company Field Days (Slovak Republic)

During NPPC Company Field Days on June 18, 2020, in Dvory nad Žitavou, the project and research activities in the ECOBREED project, the possibilities of seed improvement and variety breeding were presented. Representatives of the Government and National Council of the Slovak Republic emphasized the need for food self-sufficiency in food production and domestic production with measures in line with environmental objectives and organic agriculture.