Related projects

BRESOV is a research project focusing on breeding for resilient, efficient and sustainable organic vegetable production, focus crops are broccoli, tomato and snap bean. [2018 – 2022]

LIVESEED is a research project that will improve the performance of organic agriculture by boosting organic seed and plant breeding efforts across Europe.

Project Networking European Farms to Enhance Cross Fertilisation and Innovation Uptake Through demonstration NEFERTITI is a project comprising 32 partners and coordinated by ACTA, the head of Network of the French Agricultural Technical Institutes.

EXCALIBUR is a project that plans to deepen the knowledge on soil biodiversity dynamics and its synergistic effects with prebiotic and probiotic approaches in horticulture, using a multi-actor approach. The Excalibur will develop a comprehensive strategy of soil management improving the effectiveness of biocontrol and biofertilization practices in agriculture.

ADAPT is a project that will study the dynamics of complex signalling and response mechanisms, to identify the molecular mechanisms of adaptation to combined stress in potato. The mission of the project is “developing new strategies to make potatoes fit for the challenging growth conditions of the future”.

EUCLEG is a project comprising 37 partners and coordinated by INRAE, France’s new National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment. EUCLEG aims to reduce Europe and China’s dependency on protein imports by developing efficient breeding strategies for the legume crops of major economic importance in human food and animal feed.

Legumes Translated is a project that supports production and use of grain legumes (‘protein crops’). The project ’s consortium comprises 18 partners in 9 countries with 15 local innovation groups.

GRAINEFIT BSF-4 project is a project that aims at conserving and sustainable use of plant genetic resources (wheat), contributing to the formation of new partnerships, developing and using technologies for the benefit of local communities and transferring scientific achievements to small farmers, focusing on the role of women in biodiversity management, agriculture and rural development.